It’s time to Do Hard Things…

First, let me say, “I’m sorry, Nick.”

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I’d like you to do something different, if not hard. I’d like you to go to a different blog (and, yes, I have a specific one in mind) and comment there… then copy your comment and add that comment here. You all read Do Hard Things over the summer, and I hope you were inspired by the thoughts of the twins, Josh and Alex Harris. I hope you’ve also taken the time to find them online to be further inspired. But, in case you have not, I’m taking you there myself–a little Internet field trip, as it were–to offer your part to the Rebelution.

Read through “My iPod Is My Best Friend,” add your comment to that blog, and then copy your comment and add it here as well.

If you’ve got the time, explore a little bit on their blog and Website. They offer a lot to help you grow in your faith as well as grow in doing hard things.

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25 thoughts on “It’s time to Do Hard Things…

  1. My seniors, after whining about my unfairness in grading, said they’d seen you juniors ditching the seven sentences exercise I handed back today… after I read each one carefully and highlighted items to change or improve or simply applauded. I did tell you to append that to your physical paper that you turn in to me (you’ll also submit the paper to because I want to see that you’ve followed what you started and also made appropriate changes, etc. I sure hope you’ve kept them!

    God’s Word does not return void. My purple words, my comments on your papers, apparently do. Bummer for me. Bigger bummer for you. Please, I do take the time to grade carefully and contemplate how what you’ve written would work in a “real” essay (as you’ll be writing to turn in Friday). Take the time to read those comments and contemplate your own read essays!

    Do well!

  2. I’ve never really thought about how my ipod or computer could be a “friend” but now that i look back on how much time i spend on both whether it be recreational or for school i spend a lot of time either searching the internet or just listening to music. This post really makes me think of how much time i really spend using electronics

  3. I think it is so true that the kind of music you listen to, movies you watch, etc. can influence you. The media is a way that secular ideas get planted into peoples’ heads. Teens today often spend as much time as using electronics than they do with actual friends. I am challenged to make sure that my “electronic friends” are as trustworthy as my real friends.

  4. The music listened to is something that can be the heart behind a person. It can influence someone to do things, that maybe they should not be doing. It is just something to think about the value of friends and electronic friends.

  5. I dont listen to too much music mostly cause I dont have an ipod but I do think it is interesting how you said that media is our friend cause I think most people in the US would have a hard time living without it.

  6. Music can influence the moods people experience. The things we listen to and watch become part of our vocabulary and behavior. When we become to obsessive over things it is not healthy. The type of music listened to or the movies watched by them can tell a lot about their character!

  7. From observations and personal experiences, the artificial friends we have through various medias affect us more than our human friends can. Mainly because it disguises itself as one thing, but includes another message when you look closer. It then ingrains itself in your mind, because of a catch tune, or the way they express themselves. Then we include it among our thoughts and it pops up in our heads and we identify with it, thus it becomes part of our character.

  8. Music has a very positive or very negative influence on someone. Music can be great inspiration for people 2 go out into the world and make a positive inpact. but music can also negatively affect someone in their behaviour and actions.

  9. Wow, I never thought of it that way before…it’s so true though how we never realize how much entertainment affects us, not only in our actions but in our thoughts too. It says somewhere in the Bible (don’t remember haha) that out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks…and the music and movies we put into our heart have a huge impact on our minds and our words.

  10. All of this is so true. I have thought about this before but it is always something that people need to be reminded of. We spend so much time listening to music and watching or reading about things that are so bad for us that we forget that it is one of Satan’s most powerful ways to get to us. People always say that listening to music with bad words doesn’t effect them, or they listen to the “clean” versions, but it still has a great impact on you. You still find yourself thinking the bad words atleast or becoming numb to the sound of them. All of this is interfering with your walk with the Lord. In no way is any of it uplifting to Jesus and honoring to Him. So if you are truely trying to honor Him and obey Him then what you watch and listen, and even read, are things you must monitor carefully.

  11. I listen to music quite a lot and that made me wonder if the music I listen to really has that great of an impact on my life. Interesting idea.

  12. I agree that my iPod is a factor in my life. It is constantly used in my car, or yard work… whatever else. It definitely has an effect on me due to what kind of music is playing, or if someone is trying to talk to me while I have it on. I assume that I’m not the only one, and it must be a problem in some atmospheres.

  13. copy and pasted this from the rebulation, so When I refer to “you”, I’m talikng to them:

    First off let me start by saying I’m a big fan of your book, “Do hard Things”, it was probably the best book I read all summer. Anyway, I think you’re totally right, entertainment and what you allow to go into your head really does affect your mind and heart, for example, I know plenty of guys who watch the show “Family Guy”, they don’t tend to make a big deal about it, but I’ve noticed that the attitude of the show often rubs off on it’s viewers. They start joking around about all kinds of filth, like racism, homosexuality, and premarital sex. These aren’t things to be laughed at, they are serious issues. Its because people allow themselves to be companions of fools and foolish things, that they themselves become fools. The same goes for inappropriate movies and music. When you love something that is not of God, it becomes a false idol to you. And we all know how God feels about false idols….

  14. Bryce Says:

    September 9th, 2010 at 10:29 am
    Wow this really got me thinking about how much time i actualy spend using technology like ipods, and how it can distort my veiws of what Christ wants me to see.

  15. i never thought of music as a “friend” before. They bring up a good point. We do become like those we put ourselves around and spend time with. This has really got me thinking about how the music i listen to or movies i watch influence me and the person i am becoming. I listen to music a a lot and i am going to be more aware of what i listen to.

  16. Wow. I never thought of this, this way. To think that I spend most of my day on my Ipod, computer, and watching TV. All of this does influenece you. This has me thinking of how my life would be different if I cut out some of the things I watch and listen to. Also just the fact of cutting out listening to music alot or watching TV. I could be getting so much closer to my family and spending more time with God, and have a stronger relationship with him. This has opened my eyes.

  17. I actually have thought about this a while ago, but it’s still really great to hear about this again. I don’t have an Ipod, but I listen to a fair amount of music. However, just because it’s music does not mean it’s a bad thing. I have almost all Christian music on my Itunes, and I’m very glad that I do. Music is an extremely powerful in everyone’s lives, even if they don’t like music. It’s extremely important to dedicate our ENTIRE lives (including our music) to God. That’s the meaning of giving our life to God.

  18. Music doesn’t really have a great influence on my life. I don’t really listen to it that much just in the car mainly. But music does play a huge role in everyones life. Like everywhere you go you see people with their ipods and the headphones stuck in their ears 24/7.

  19. Music certainly changes the way you think and depending on what kind of music you listen to it could be good or bad. i listen to alot of different kinds so it isnt really as bad for me.

  20. I definitely believe what we allow to come in through our ears and our eyes has a huge impact on how we act. Though I’ve never considered technology as a “friend” before but it’s definitely true, and a good comparison of that relationship. For me one of the things I have to check myself most on is being on technology more than hanging out with people and God. You miss so many wonderful opportunities to interact with people when you spend your days enthralled with technology, and you can even miss opportunities God’s put in your life to witness to people. Even something as simple as taking a walk outside(without your i-pod), can be used by God to get you to reach out to people you see or even show you His love through time just with Him.

  21. I listen to music pretty much all the time. Reading that made me wonder if the music i listen to has great impact on my life. i do think that what we allow to come in through our ears and our eyes has a huge impact on how we act i our lifes. however, i never really considered technology as a “friend” but it’s definitely true. Well right now i don’t really have any ipod or phones or any technology so i am definitely acting different. I’m dedicating my time to God, with technolgy i can honestly say i get so carried away and always make an excuse about dedicating time to God. I know technology is awesome and fun and it can seem to be “my friend” at times but when the hard times come only God is “my friend”. I honestly can say that technology and music, tv, ect.. can change people but to some it doesn’t. However i am learning to keep a control in my life and not let TECHNOLOGY change me or take my precious time with God away….. I Hope I made sense..

  22. I didn’t know I could be just as affected by technology as I am with people and I definitely didn’t consider it a “Friend.” I watch a lot of movies and listen to lots of music that probably affect me more then I will ever know. But, now I will try to be more aware and cautious.

  23. Matt Emery Says:
    September 16th, 2010 at 2:24 pm
    Wow ive never really thought about technology that way before. You guys are right though in the long run these things replace your friends. I mean after getting mad or sad or even to get pumped for a game people listen to their ipods not friends.

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